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Student Transfers:
To request a transfer out of or within the district, please fill out the appropriate form below and return to the District Office before the deadline notated.  The district will begin processing all requests after April 30.  The requests are date-stamped when turned in and are processed in the order of date received.
Approval/Denial Procedures:
Outgoing Requests: Once approved by CUSD, the form is sent to the district of choice, that district will notify you once your request is approved by both districts.  You will only hear from CUSD if your request is denied. 
Incoming Requests: Your district of residence will send CUSD the request form once they approve it, after it is processed at CUSD, we will notify you via email if approved and via US Mail if denied.*
Intradistrict requests: The Principals of North Fork School, Spring Valley School and Hillside Elementary will approve of deny then send the form to the District Office for final approval/denial.  You will be notified via email once the request is fully processed.*
*Parent may appeal denials with the Madera County Board of Education within 30 days of the denial.
(to be used when leaving the District)
(to be used when transferring to school within the District)
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